Regardless of your background, origin, or body type, Jiu Jitsu holds the potential to be an enriching experience for you. At our academy, we provide a range of classes tailored to accommodate everyone. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, our lesson plans are crafted with your specific goals in mind. Our instructors are dedicated to imparting the fundamental skills necessary for you to fully embrace the benefits of Jiu Jitsu.

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We aim to facilitate your introduction to Jiu Jitsu, ensuring that each class is an enjoyable experience for you. Our beginner classes are designed to establish a solid foundation, setting the stage for seamless progression to the next modules.



Our intermediate module is perfect for those looking to transition from beginner to intermediate. Here, you will learn new techniques and refine your movements to progress in your practice.

Alliance Jiu Jitsu - Programa Avançado



Learning from some of the best coaches in the world in this module, we will explore multiple combinations of movements and positions. This way, you will learn to apply the most advanced techniques to your Jiu Jitsu game.

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What about competition? We’ve got you covered there too! Our exclusive competition module trains you to compete at a high level from blue to black belt.

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Kids and Teens

This special module has been carefully designed to ensure that each child can exercise their skills in a safe environment with high concentration, self-esteem, and discipline. Jiu Jitsu is an incredible tool for a child’s development. We focus on the physical, mental, and emotional health during exercises so that everyone can benefit.


No Gi

Excellent for fitness and self-defense: you will have the opportunity to learn effective techniques and movements created for self-defense in a fun and dynamic way without the need for a gi.

Alliance Jiu Jitsu Northwest Arkansas - Private Classes



This is our VIP service with classes specially tailored to your needs. In private lessons, you will find the perfect class for you, whatever your goal is within the sport.